Jupiter Mines Limited

Jupiter’s flagship asset, Tshipi, is the largest exporter of manganese ore from South Africa and a top-3 producer globally.

In 2007, The Pallinghurst Group sourced a proprietary greenfields opportunity to acquire 49.9% of a manganese deposit that was located adjacent to a major producer in South Africa. Manganese is a key component of steelmaking and South Africa hosts approximately 80% of the world’s known economically mineable resources. The Pallinghurst Group provided exploration and development funding, leading to the construction of a 3.6 million tonne capacity mine. The Tshipi mine sold 3.3 million tonnes in the year to 28 February 2018, earning US$250 million and US$160 million in EBITDA and net income respectively, making it one of the largest and lowest cost manganese producers globally.

Existing Portfolio


Below are some of the market leading companies in which The Pallinghurst Group has invested.

Sedibelo Mines